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Non-Invasive Fat Loss Specialist

The Ob-Gyn Center

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When you’re tired of struggling to lose that last area of annoying fat, you can get the sleek new shape you desire with noninvasive fat loss. Dr. Anita Gondy at The Ob-Gyn Center specializes in using the noninvasive truSculpt® iD system to permanently eliminate fat on virtually any part of your body. To learn more about noninvasive fat loss or to schedule an appointment, call the office in Las Vegas or use online booking.

Non-Invasive Fat Loss Q & A

What is noninvasive fat loss?

Noninvasive fat loss refers to aesthetic procedures that use radiofrequency, ultrasound, or lasers to eliminate fat without needing an incision. You may also hear noninvasive fat loss referred to as body sculpting or body contouring.

These procedures work exceptionally well for fine-tuning your shape by removing stubborn areas of fat that stick around even though you watch your diet and get regular exercise.

So what are these stubborn areas of fat? They’re love handles, muffin tops, bra fat, double chins, bat wings, thunder thighs, and any other popular term you can think of for the areas where fat commonly accumulates and refuses to go away.

Dr. Gondy uses a cutting-edge medical device to gently achieve permanent, noninvasive fat loss: the truSculpt® iD.

How does truSculpt iD eliminate resistant fat?

The truSculpt iD sends out radiofrequency (RF) energy that safely passes through your skin, targets fat cells below the surface, and destroys them with heat. When the cells reach a specific temperature, they liquify. Then over time your body naturally carries away the cellular waste, permanently removing the fat.

What should I expect during a truSculpt iD treatment?

During your 15-minute treatment, the truSculpt applicators focus RF energy on your fat cells while maintaining a comfortable skin temperature. Most patients say their treatment feels like a soothing, hot stone massage.

The treated area may feel warm or look slightly red, like it’s flushed. However, that goes away within an hour. It may also feel slightly sensitive for a few days, but not enough to interfere with your life. As soon as your session is over, you can return to your usual activities.

When will I see results?

It takes a little time for fat cells to stop breaking down and for your body to get rid of the waste. You’ll be able to see gradual changes, with optimal results visible within 12 weeks.

Just one treatment with the truSculpt iD can remove 24% of the fat in the treated area.* Depending on the amount of fat you want to lose, one session may be enough, or you may decide to have additional treatments to reach your desired body shape.

How can I maintain my new shape?

Although truSculpt iD can give you a slim new shape — and the treated fat is permanently removed — you can end up with the same trouble areas if you gain weight in the future. Dr. Gondy can help you stay the course by monitoring factors like your blood sugar and recommending a metabolic diet.

Keeping track of your blood sugar is important to be sure you don’t develop insulin resistance.  When you have insulin resistance, you end up with high levels of sugar and insulin in your blood, which promote fat storage and weight gain.

A metabolic diet can help you maintain a healthy weight and prevent insulin resistance by restricting the carbohydrates in your diet. Without carbs, blood sugar doesn’t get high and your body burns fat for energy.

If you have questions about noninvasive fat loss, call The Ob-Gyn Center or book an appointment online.

*Individual results may vary.