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TruSculpt ID



We are the first to offer truSculpt iD® in Las Vegas, NV! It’s the latest technology in body sculpting and the most cost-effective.

Is TruSculpt for you? If you are on the journey to achieving your ideal body goals, customize your truSculpt iD® session to target your stubborn areas and destroy fat cells beneath the skin. Multiple body areas can be treated in one session which only takes 15 minutes. No downtime with the procedure and no medication before or after. FDA approved for permanent fat loss (up to 24% permanent body area fat loss), body circumference reduction, cellulite treatment and skin tightening.

Multiple body area, repeat customer, friends, and family discounts.  

This is not recommended for:

  • Weight loss
  • Poor abdominal wall tone.
  • A person that has a pace maker.
  • Currently Pregnant
  • A person who has metal in the treatment area.





Below are reviews from some of the practice's Trusculpt patients:

Sandi E - "I was skeptical at first, but procedure was easy, easily tolerated, no down time. I started seeing my results on the chin with in the first 8 weeks."
Bobby J - "I love the fact that it Trusculpt iD treatment felt like a hot stone massage. My thighs and tummy are tight and cellulite is much reduced. I noticed changes around 7 weeks itself."
Dora - "I like the results that I noticed with one 15 minute treatment to my abdomen area.  I feel cellulite reduction, more form and visible fat reduction. I feel more motivated to stay on my diet now."
Shannon R - "I was never able to loose my  tummy after Cesarean section. I  like how my tummy feels tight now. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to get back into their shape. It is  easy, affordable, mostly needs only one or two treatments." 
Ruhee M - "I started seeing my results after 12 wks of abdominal Trusculpt iD treatment, It makes me motivated to stay on my efforts to stay healthy and fit. I am referring my friends for this treatment too."
Ani G - "This was my first body sculpting treatment. I loved the whole experience. I felt the tummy difference in 14 wks and my thighs around 8 weeks. Every time I look at these areas I feel happy and more confident about myself. I am going back for more. Love the staff that helped me with this treatment too." 

truSculpt iD® Results

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