Ultrasound Services


Ultrasound is a technology that uses sound waves for determining the density of tissues. It helps to differentiate between normal and abnormal growths, fluid vs. solid masses, and assists in accurately determining the due date in early pregnancy.

The transvaginal pelvic ultrasound is a technique which provides a view of the female pelvis, which includes the uterus, ovaries and cervix.  This study is useful in the diagnosis of pelvic pain and abnormal uterine bleeding.

Many different levels of ultrasound technology exist today. The latest development in the field is the 4-D ultrasound, which is used in Obstetrics.  This study allows us to visualize a 4-dimensional view of the fetus. It is amazing to see the babies actively moving inside the mom’s womb in real time.

We use ultrasounds vaginally or abdominally in our office, with the ability to do 3-D and 4-D views.   At the OB-GYN Center, we have three certified sonographers performing these ultrasounds and they strive to make your experience the best you ever had.


Some of the tests done with ultrasounds include:

  • Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound
  • Trans-Abdominal Pelvic Ultrasound
  • Complete Ostetric Ultrasound
  • Nuchal Traslucency Testing
  • Sonohysterogram
  • Fetal Surveillance and Biophysical Profiles
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