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Obstetrical Ultrasound Services


At our care center, we also offer a wide range of pregnancy-related ultrasound services.  Ultrasound is the technology using sound waves to obtain the image of the fetus without using harmful exposure of x-rays. We offer the comprehensive 2-D, 3-D and 4-D ultrasound services in our office through our certified technicians.

A first trimester ultrasound is very useful in confirming pregnancy viability as well as determining the exact dating of the pregnancy with an error of only a few days. We obtain a dating ultrasound at almost all of our first visits for the pregnancy. This allows us to practice safely knowing the exact gestational age of the fetus and other associated conditions.  At this visit we are also able to determine how many fetuses are in the uterus, any co-existing tumors and pathologic conditions, also able to evaluate for causes of bleeding in a pregnancy.

A second trimester ultrasound is a more detailed scan to focus on the baby’s anatomy, amniotic fluid levels, placenta location, and to evaluate the growth of the baby.

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