Women Don’t Share Everything – Help for Vaginal Atrophy

We are seeing such wonderful results with MonaLisa Touch for vaginal atrophy. A recent article in U.S. News (April 20, 2017) by Dr. Sherry Ross, M.D. points out several important reasons for women to talk about this issue with their doctors.

Breast cancer survivors and women in menopause often suffer from vaginal dryness (vulvo-vaginal atrophy) and cannot or choose not to take estrogen. This condition can run from being mildly irritating to extremely painful with burning, swelling and even some bleeding. Sexual intercourse can be highly uncomfortable and painful, causing many women to simply “give up” on that part of their lives and femininity. As you can imagine, this situation doesn’t bode well for the women or the men in their lives. Unfortunately, while women tend to be very open with each other about almost every subject, this subject appears to not be communicated with most women suffering in silence. They do not believe that anything can be done or may not know that this is a medical condition and that now there is a solution for many.

MonaLisa Touch is a non-pharmaceutical, non-estrogen, non-surgical procedure that has been described as “life changing” by our patients. The full name is Mona Lisa Laser Treatment (MLLT) and it has Food and Drug Administration support and long-term studies. Here at Las Vegas ObGyn, we are committed to consulting with every woman who feels that this non-invasive treatment might help her. Women who are appropriate candidates for the procedure will have three treatments, five to six weeks apart. Each treatment is about five minutes long.

Here are some interesting statistics from the U.S. News article:

We are so pleased with the testimonials we are receiving from our MonaLisa Touch patients here at Las Vegas Ob/Gyn. We have a special private number for women to call 702.360.4650. We work hard to make the finances work for our patients as this is not covered by insurance. We do accept credit cards and payment plans. We want all women who are candidates for MonaLisa Touch to have an opportunity to experience this life altering simple treatment. Stop suffering in silence and give us a call today.

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