The Benefits of a Robotic Hysterectomy

In previous eras, women who needed a hysterectomy had no choice but to undergo major open surgery. In the present, you can reap the health benefits of a hysterectomy while avoiding the risks of traditional surgery by getting a minimally invasive laparoscopic robotic hysterectomy instead.

OB/GYNs Anita Gondy, MD, Saovaros Michaels, MD, Henry Luh, DO, and our exceptional team at Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada, Northwest, perform minimally invasive robotic hysterectomies using the da Vinci® surgical system. Learn more about the benefits of a robotic hysterectomy instead of traditional surgery.

Understanding a robotic hysterectomy

A robotic hysterectomy is a minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure, which our doctors perform by making tiny surgical incisions. The daVinci robot and a camera are inserted at the beginning of the procedure. The camera gives our doctors a three-dimensional view of your uterus.

Our doctors control the movements of the daVinci robot to perform your hysterectomy. They wear fingertip and hand controls, and their movements are then carefully performed by the daVinci robot. The robot is able to perform movements during your surgery with more dexterity and precision than human hands.

Our team recommends a robotic-assisted hysterectomy to women with a number of gynecological conditions that haven’t been resolved with more conservative treatment. You might be a good candidate for a robotic hysterectomy if you have endometriosis, uterine fibroids, endometriomas, dermoid cysts, pelvic adhesions, or adenomyosis.

The benefits of a robotic hysterectomy

Thanks to the tiny incisions made during a robotic-assisted hysterectomy, this procedure offers a number of benefits compared to getting open surgery. These include: 

Less blood loss during surgery

The small, precise incisions and movements made during a robotic hysterectomy lead to less blood loss during the procedure. This reduces your risks of some complications, including needing a transfusion.

Reduced pain after surgery

Fewer and smaller surgical incisions mean you will be in less pain after the procedure and more quickly able to resume your regular activities.

Faster postoperative recovery

Recovery from a robotic hysterectomy is significantly faster than open surgery. Our doctors can perform most procedures on an outpatient basis, and you can expect a shorter hospital stay if your surgery requires hospitalization. Most patients return to their usual routine shortly after the procedure.

Reduced infection and postoperative complication risks

The smaller incisions put you at a lower risk of developing an infection after a robotic hysterectomy. You’re also much less likely to have other postoperative complications.

Very little scarring

The incisions made during a robotic hysterectomy are much smaller than in open surgery. As a result, you’ll scar minimally after surgery.

Our team at WHASN - NW in Las Vegas, Nevada, is pleased to offer the minimally invasive daVinci robotic hysterectomy to women throughout Southern Nevada. If you are interested in learning more, make an appointment by calling or emailing our office today.

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