Mothers Day Special Offer for MonaLisa Touch

I have always believed that a woman is the center of her family’s universe.  When women are educated and knowledgeable about their health, it can have a positive effect on everyone around her.  One of the areas that I have become so passionate about is the benefits of MonaLisa Touch. It is interesting for me to talk to so many women who are experiencing issues with intimacy post menopause.  They come through a personal referral from a friend or are responding to a post we may have placed on our social media. What surprises me is that women do not seem to be discussing this issue with other women the way women tend to talk to their female friends about everything else.

It is my goal to educate women on the benefits now available with MonaLisa Touch so that they can make an educated personal decision whether to address this very personal issue of intimacy.  Physical intimacy is an integral part of a relationship and when a woman is experiencing pain and discomfort she may just turn away from her partner with some excuse because she is unaware that this condition affects many women after menopause.  

MonaLisa Touch is also extremely effective for relieving frequent urination, leaking urine during activity, frequent urinary and vaginal infections.  These conditions along with pain during intercourse affects as many as 50% of postmenopausal women. We also see younger women who may be having some of these symptoms due to childbirth, hysterectomy, etc.

MonaLisa Touch has been called “life-changing”.  As one of our patients puts it, “I didn’t know that the pain and burning I was suffering during intimacy was something that many women experienced.  I just stopped having sex. Once I discovered that, I spoke to Dr. Gondy and she recommended MonaLisa Touch. I saw results after my first two sessions and after my third treatment, there was no pain, no burning and no discomfort.  My partner and I are thrilled with the results of MonaLisa Touch and I highly recommend it” Debra H.

Now through the end of May, we are celebrating Mother’s Day by reducing the cost of MonaLisa Touch by $250.  We do have payment plans available and encourage you to call our dedicated MonaLisa phone number 702.360.4650 and set up a consultation.  Find out if this amazing breakthrough technology can help you. There is no downtime and no anesthesia. These are three treatments over 18 weeks.  Each treatment is less than 5 minutes. Call us today. There really is help for these conditions.



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