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Metagenics®: Fighting Disease Through Nutrition

Many people might describe “health” as being free from illness, and that’s a great place to start. The role of medicine and doctors throughout history is largely based around the idea of healing the sick. However, that’s no longer the sole focus of the field. Today, there’s a greater emphasis on wellness: keeping you healthy and avoiding illness whenever possible. That may be something as simple as a flu shot or more complex, such as nutritional counseling prior to a planned pregnancy.

The importance of nutrition

The ancient axiom that you are what you eat certainly continues to be valid. All the energy, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs can be derived from what you consume. Of course, it’s possible, given the huge variety of foods available today, to favor a diet that may not provide all your nutritional needs.


Vitamin supplements have long been marketed to fill these nutritional gaps. Like being “free from illness” though, vitamins are simply a first step. The next level in this progression is the nutraceutical. This can be any food that is nutritionally or medically functional, such as vitamin-added fortified foods or products containing probiotics.

In Canada and the United Kingdom, nutraceuticals are defined as supplements produced from foods but sold in medicinal form, such as pills, capsules, or powders. In the United States, the term isn’t defined in regulatory terms and it can therefore be applied widely as a marketing term.


Why is this important? You only need to consider the mythical snake oil salesman, the peddler of potions with near-magical healing abilities. This practice continues with companies that flirt with Food and Drug Administration rules and definitions to sell products of dubious value. They can use the nutraceutical label freely, casting doubt across the industry.

Metagenics offers nutraceutical products that are well-researched and carefully manufactured to deliver the nutritional and functional values that rival those delivered directly through food-based sources.

Fighting disease through diet

You’re likely aware that you’re more susceptible to catching a cold virus if you’re tired or otherwise already under the weather. That’s an apt analogy for the role nutrition plays in your overall health, and an excellent reason to consider Metagenics nutraceuticals as an addition to your personal wellness program.

When you work with us at The Ob-Gyn Center, together we can identify potential trouble spots in your diet-based nutritional intake. Metagenics has over 20 products designed for women’s health matters alone, as well as others designed for specific aspects of anyone’s wellness, such as blood glucose support, heart, and gastrointestinal health, along with many more.

This means that Metagenics products have both therapeutic and preventive value. They can heal you as well as prevent disease that sets in when you’re nutritionally suppressed. Deriving your nutrients from the foods you eat is the preferred way, but Metagenics can fill the gaps and keep you healthy.

You can call us The Ob-Gyn Center by phone or use the online tool at the top of this page to schedule an appointment with us. It’s never too soon to get started on a preventive health program, so contact our office today. 

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