Important Things to Consider When Pregnant We Deliver on Our Promise

At Las Vegas ObGyn Center, we are all passionate about our commitment to advancing women’s health for the past 19 years in Las Vegas. We understand the relationship between a doctor and patient and respect that bond. At Las Vegas ObGyn Center, we know that the nine months of pregnancy are a time of great change for a woman, mentally, emotionally and of course, physically. This is particularly true for a first child. We strive to provide the most advanced prenatal care for our patients, making us your first choice when having a baby.

As with any area of medicine these days, there is always new and sometimes conflicting information out there. We strive to educate our patients so that together we can make the best-informed decisions for them and their unborn child. Nutrition, exercise, pharmaceuticals, natural procedures and products, etc. are all explored with our patients to determine their desires for their pregnancy. While not every pregnancy turns out the way we planned it, delivering a healthy mother and baby are what is paramount.

Here are some of the things that help us stand out:

  • Early nutrition education – so our patients do not have excess weight gain
  • Early diagnosis/intervention/prevention for preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes
  • Options for genetic testing before pregnancy and in early pregnancy.
  • We deliver 90 to 95% of our own patients – (this is a biggie and we are very proud of it) which sets us apart from other providers.
  • Our Lowest Cesarean section rate ss commended by our insurance providers.
  • We deliver at hospitals with Laborist Coverage (Mountain View and Summerlin Hospital), these are Level III Facilities or soon to be – providing the highest level of ObGyn care
  • 24-hour After-Hours service and physician availability
  • We use the top Perinatologists to help co manage high risk pregnancies.
  • We use algorithms to detect at risk patient for early delivery – so we can intervene early.
  • We use algorithms to help candidates for Aspirin use in pregnancy to prevent miscarriages and preeclampsia.
  • We use certified ultrasound techs to do our early chromosomal anomaly detection ultrasounds.
  • We use several specialized labs to obtain early information about the unborn child using Cell Free DNA technology.
  • Our offices are constantly updated with technology to reduce paperwork and unnecessary time spent by waiting on phones.
  • We use patient portal to give out test results in a HIPPA compliant path.
  • We use HIPPA compliant E mails and Texting to help with appointment reminders.
  • We are expanding to accommodate our growth.
  • Our providers are also part of laborist programs in town – helping all ObGyns work together as a cohesive group.
  • Above all we are a group of caring and compassionate providers.

We believe that a caring and kind attitude are paramount to providing excellent healthcare to our patients and enhancing the lives of women. We welcome any questions you may have about pregnancy. Please feel free to reach out to us.



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