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How to Not Get Sick During the Holidays

November has arrived, and the festivities and social gatherings of the holidays are just a few weeks away. All year, your friends and family members, some of whom will have travelled from across the country or even the world, have been looking forward to seeing, hearing, and (most likely) hugging you, making the opportunity for spreading germs even greater during the holiday season. While we wish everyone a happy, relaxing end to 2017 and warm celebrations with loved ones, there are some steps we can recommend for anyone looking to stay healthy throughout the holidays.

  • Maintain healthy eating habits. It’s tempting to try every dish at the party, but keep in mind that people also often let their exercise routines slide at this time of the year. Enjoy yourself, but consume sweets and heavier dishes in moderation; the same goes for alcohol. Of course, fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water will still be available on Thanksgiving, and you can resist the urge to overeat by pacing yourself or even having a piece of chewing gum before you fill-up your plate, which can simulate eating and decrease your hunger level.
  • Get some sleep. Though the weather doesn’t get too harsh in the winter here in Las Vegas, it is a good idea to stay indoors and catch up on sleep. Stress and exhaustion leave the body more susceptible to illness, so aim for eight hours a night and don’t worry about missing out on all the fun if you need to take a nap—it’ll be worth it.
  • For those who will be travelling by plane this season, there are additional measures you can take to keep yourself feeling well for your entire trip. Remember, hydration is key. Plane cabins can become incredibly dry at high altitudes, allowing for viruses and bacteria to affect passengers more easily. Additionally, long spans of sitting can contribute to the formation of blood clots in your legs (deep-vein thrombosis), so make sure to get up and stretch whenever you get the chance.

As always, wash your hands regularly and wipe away surfaces that can collect germs before using them. Keep track of your contact with objects that may be carrying bacteria, especially if you find yourself in a crowded mall on the night before Christmas or on any form of mass transportation. By following a few guidelines, you can stay fit this holiday season and party your way into the New Year without a cough, sneeze, or ache.



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