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How Noninvasive Fat Loss Can Improve Your Shape

It can be downright irritating when, no matter what you try, certain areas of fat stubbornly stick to your body. It’s very common to have areas of fat that simply won’t go away, even when you live a healthy lifestyle.

Previously, getting rid of those fat deposits required surgery; but with technological advances, our team at Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada, Northwest in Las Vegas, Nevada, is excited to share that you can now get completely noninvasive fat loss, with no surgery required. Our fat loss specialist, Anita Gondy, MD, uses the advanced truSculpt® iD system to get rid of fat forever anywhere on your body.

Keep reading to learn more about how noninvasive fat loss can give you the body shape you desire.

Understanding noninvasive fat loss

Fat loss procedures that don’t involve any surgery are known as noninvasive. Instead of surgical techniques, these procedures use sophisticated technology, such as ultrasound, radiofrequency, or lasers, to help your body rid itself of unwanted layers of fat.

Noninvasive fat loss can help you sculpt and shape your body by eliminating fat that otherwise seems to stick to your body no matter what exercise routine or diet you try. Noninvasive fat loss can work nearly everywhere, with some popular areas including the:

The truSculpt iD system

The FDA-approved truSculpt iD system uses monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to eliminate your undesired problem areas of fat. During a truSculpt iD session, this revolutionary technology selectively heats the parts of your body that contain excess fat you’d like to eliminate.

The heat from your truSculpt iD session causes the fat cells to liquefy. This allows your body to eliminate those cells as cellular waste, permanently getting rid of them and your previously annoying areas of fat forever.

Who can get truSculpt iD?

Dr. Gondy recommends truSculpt iD to healthy adults looking to eliminate specific areas of excess body fat. TruSculpt iD is not a tool intended to mimic or replace weight loss, so you’ll get the best results if you’re at or near your goal weight but still have specific areas of fat that aren’t responding to lifestyle changes.

You’ll need to wait to get truSculpt iD or choose another procedure if you’re currently pregnant, have a pacemaker, or have any metal in the area of your body where you hope to get truSculpt iD.

What happens during and after your truSculpt iD session

Your truSculpt iD procedure only lasts about 15 minutes and takes place at our comfortable WHASN - NW offices. At your treatment, Dr. Gondy places applicators on the area of your body where you’d like to eliminate fat.

You’ll feel warmth during the procedure, and your skin will appear slightly flushed where it’s being treated. You might feel a slight sensitivity after the procedure, but you can immediately return to all of your daily activities after treatment.

You’ll see full results from truSculpt iD after your body has had time to break down the fat cells in your trouble spots. This takes up to 12 weeks.

The number of truSculpt treatments you undergo depends on the treatment plan you develop with Dr. Gondy. Sometimes, you only need one truSculpt iD session to achieve the results you desire.

To maintain your truSculpt results, Dr. Gondy recommends continuing to live a healthy lifestyle. Our team can monitor your blood sugar levels and work with you to develop a diet plan that helps you maintain your new shape.

If you’re interested in noninvasive fat loss and would like to learn more, call our office or request an appointment online with WHASN - NW, the only truSculpt iD provider in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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