Get Vaccinated this Flu Season

In light of December’s National Influenza Vaccination Week, we would like to take the opportunity to remind our readers of the importance of maintaining up-to-date vaccinations during the holidays. According to recent studies, few people remember to get vaccinated once December 1 hits, leaving potentially millions of adults and children susceptible to the flu throughout the illness-laden winter months. While it is not too late to vaccinate yourself against influenza, we encourage everyone to arrange for vaccination as soon as possible, especially following the record-breaking severity of last year’s flu season.

As always, it is strongly advised that pregnant women receive vaccination to combat their increased risk of suffering health complications from influenza. The vaccine may be given to pregnant women during any trimester, so do not let it slide simply because you feel you may be too far along for it to take effect. It is never too late to protect yourself from illness during pregnancy; the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists maintains that influenza vaccination represents an integral part of “prepregnancy, prenatal, and postpartum care”. Remember, the flu season runs roughly from October through May, so if you are or will be pregnant for all or part of this stretch, make sure to remain current with your vaccinations.

We wish all of our clients a healthy, happy holiday season and encourage everyone to take precautions against the flu this winter. While there are always those who are concerned about the use or overuse of vaccines in modern medicine, I believe that with proper use, vaccines can be extremely beneficial. We pride ourselves in doing what is best for our patients, which requires constant vigilance in new protocols and a holistic understanding of our patients and their needs. If you want more information on the benefits of flu vaccination, please feel free to give us a call.

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