Factors Involved with Infertility

Information to help couples understand infertility

We know that deciding to have a child is a huge step for couples, however 10-15% of reproductive couples are affected with the inability to conceive. We see patients with concerns about getting pregnant at the Las Vegas ObGyn Center. Failure to conceive can be frustrating and cause couples to overlook methods to help conceive.

Over the years Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) has improved significantly. It’s a safe and accepted treatment. As infertility gained more public notice, couples turn to ART as an alternative if failure to conceive. The lifestyle of a reproductive couple plays an important part on natural fertility. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine Practice Committee reviewed factors in a couple’s lifestyle that can impact fertility.

  • Age is an important factor for infertility. The chance of conceiving decreases after the age of 35. The decline for men is over 50.
  • The highest chance to get pregnant is in the 3-day period ending ovulation. The fertile window is the 6-day period ending the day of ovulation.
  • To increase chances, intercourse should take place every 1-2 days.
  • Check cervical mucus to predict ovulation. It works just as well as a prediction tool.
  • No coital practice improves the chance of conception.
  • A high BMI (>35) or low (<19) increases risk of infertility.
  • Smoking, alcohol consumption (more than 2 drinks a day) high caffeine intake associated with decreased infertility.

Couples should take time to review all their options and speak with their doctor about what is best for them.



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