Don’t Give Up on Intimacy – Take Back Your Sexuality

I am blessed with the opportunity to help women with the effects of menopause on their sexuality and physical intimacy. Approximately 50% of women come through menopause with symptoms that make it uncomfortable or downright painful to engage in sexual intercourse. While the emotional concerns over becoming pregnant and the anxiety over “looking perfect” may be gone, physical discomfort can make the thought of being physically intimate the last thing on a woman’s mind. Oddly enough, I also find that women, who discuss everything with each other, do not seem to talk about this subject. They often shy away from their partner with excuses and do not discuss this with their doctor or their girlfriends.

I am so passionate about educating and reaching women here in the Las Vegas Valley who are suffering with post-menopausal burning, pain and discomfort during intercourse. For many, this situation becomes a rift in their relationship and both partners feel distanced, frustrated and saddened by the lack of sexual intimacy. While intercourse is certainly not the only form of physical intimacy, it is one that, once enjoyed in a relationship and then suddenly stopped without any real explanation, can have a negative impact on a couple.

MonaLisa Touch is a non-invasive, quick, easy and highly effective way to treat this condition. This breakthrough technology delivers gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall tissue that stimulates a healing response by generating new collagen, elastin and vascularization. A typical course of treatment is three procedures over 18 weeks.

MonaLisa Touch:

  • In-office procedure
  • Requires no anesthesia
  • No downtime
  • Minimal side effects
  • Each treatment is <5 minutes
  • Thousands of women have been treated worldwide since 2012

This month, October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am offering this $2,250 procedure for $1,900. I do offer payment plans, and we do accept credit cards. Women have told us this is a “life-changing” procedure. Come in and talk with me to see if MonaLisa Touch is right for you. Don’t wait another day to take back control of your sexuality.



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