Birth Control

For many women, reproductive years mean using some form of contraception. Before the conscious decision to have children and after the desired number of children, we know that many women are seeking safe, effective birth control. It can be confusing and overwhelming to figure out what is the best form of contraception for YOU. Many of our patients come to us at a young age and we take the time to educate them on the variety of methods. We always want to take into consideration a woman’s lifestyle and health history. Contraceptives do not work unless they are used so we talk with our patients to make sure they fully understand their options.

As women mature through the childbearing years, it may be necessary and/or desirable to switch from the contraceptive method used prior to having children. Again, lifestyle and health are two very important factors. Today women of all ages have many more choices than in the past and medical advances continue to be made.

Give us a call and let us decide together what the best form of contraception is for you. We also encourage mothers to talk with their daughters who are of a sexually active age and be sure they are educated and protected from unwanted pregnancy. Discussing protection from sexually transmitted diseases is also extremely important.

If a woman is eighteen years old, she may come to us without parental consent. While we always encourage parents to be involved, we understand that this is not always realistic and welcome young women who are taking the responsibility to be educated with or without parental consent.

Our contraceptive services include:

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