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5 Reasons to Consider Nonsurgical Body Contouring

5 Reasons to Consider Nonsurgical Body Contouring

Do you want to achieve your ideal body shape with minimal time, effort, and without surgery? If your efforts to achieve a certain appearance haven’t responded to your own efforts to eat healthy and exercise, it might be time to try nonsurgical body contouring.

With the innovative truSculpt® iD treatment offered by Anita Gondy, MD, at Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada, Northwest in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can achieve your ideal appearance without the inconvenience of surgery. 

About nonsurgical fat loss

Noninvasive fat loss procedures use advanced nonsurgical techniques in order to help you reduce fat in specific areas of your body. The truSculpt iD system Dr. Gondy uses harnesses monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to promote fat loss by liquefying the fat cells in the areas it targets.

A full truSculpt iD treatment is a simple in-office procedure that only takes 15 minutes. You won’t experience any pain during the procedure and won’t need any recovery time afterward.

Your truSculpt iD results are evident within 12 weeks of your procedure, with each session removing up to 24% of fat in the area. You can get the truSculpt iD treatment on any area of your body where you’d like to lose fat, including your abdomen, upper arms, hips, thighs, back, and chin.

Consider nonsurgical body contouring if any of these reasons apply to you.

Why get nonsurgical fat loss this year?

If you’ve been thinking about changing your shape this year, here are 5 reasons to seriously consider booking your truSculpt iD procedure at WHASN - NW.

1. You dislike certain problem areas on your body

You’re not alone if you have certain areas of your body that you’ve always disliked. Some areas might have a tendency to collect extra fat that’s almost impossible to get rid of naturally.

You can get rid of these issues once and for all with as little as one truSculpt iD treatment.

2. You want to look more toned and lose fat

Even if you’re at a healthy weight, having fat deposits in certain areas can take away from what would otherwise be a sleek and toned appearance. By removing your extra fat, you take away areas that are hiding muscle definition, improving your appearance and showing off the toned physique you’ve worked so hard to build.

3. Your lifestyle changes haven’t worked

Exercise and diet can help you lose weight, but they can’t spot-reduce fat or increase muscle definition in some areas, especially if you’re already a healthy size. The truSculpt iD system isn’t a weight loss tool; instead, it helps contour your body when you’re already at or close to your ideal weight.

Body contouring takes less work than a session at the gym, and it creates results that aren’t possible from even the most dedicated workout routine.

4. You can’t get or don’t want to get surgery

Undergoing a surgical procedure involves many downsides. You need to take time off to recover from your procedure, and your daily activities are restricted. You take on the risks of anesthesia, and recovery can be painful and put you at risk of complications.

With truSculpt iD nonsurgical body contouring, you can relax and get the same results without any of the risks. You don’t need to take time off to get the procedure and won’t undergo any recovery period.

5. You’d like to complete your weight loss journey

If you’ve lost weight and are near or at your goal, nonsurgical body contouring is a great way to complete your journey. After losing significant weight or having a baby, you might find areas of fat have collected in places you didn’t previously have an issue.

Nonsurgical body contouring is an excellent way to cap off a weight loss journey by putting the final touches on your new figure.

Thinking about getting nonsurgical body contouring? Schedule your consultation at WHASN - NW by calling 702-254-8900 today.

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