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4 Reasons You Shouldn't Miss Your Annual Exam

4 Reasons You Shouldn't Miss Your Annual Exam

Whether you feel great or have some concerns about your health, actively taking charge of your wellness is the best way to get or stay healthy. One of the easiest ways to take care of your physical and overall health is by attending your annual exam at Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada, Northwest in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our OB/GYNs Anita Gondy, MD, and Saovaros V. Michaels, MD, and the entire team at WHASN-NW are committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care at your annual exam.

Read on to learn four of the most important reasons you should always attend your annual exam.

Why attend an annual exam?

There are many reasons to visit our team for a wellness exam every year. Make sure you mark your calendar to make this appointment annually, especially for these four reasons:

1. Get comprehensive preventive health care

For healthy women, your annual exam is an important preventive health visit. During this appointment, our team conducts a pelvic examination and overall health assessment that ensures you’re still healthy, while determining if any other preventive care will help you remain in optimal health.

At this visit, our providers identify any current or potential health concerns before they develop or before they become serious. This allows us to recommend treatments, lifestyle changes, and screenings that will stop or help you manage conditions before they progress.

2. Sort out your birth control

Contraception not only prevents pregnancy and allows you to choose when to plan your family, it also helps relieve symptoms of some medical conditions. For example, some forms of birth control can help reduce the symptoms of bleeding disordersPCOS, and other menstrual problems.

At your annual exam, our clinicians check to make sure the contraceptive you use is the best for your health and lifestyle. We can also help you begin birth control for the first time if you’re not currently using it.

3. Have any needed screenings or vaccines

During your annual exam, our team can perform or schedule any recommended health screenings or vaccines. Some screenings and vaccinations are recommended as standard procedure based on your age or the last time you received the screening and others because of your personal medical needs.

Some screenings and vaccines that may be recommended include a pap smear, STD screeninggynecologic ultrasound, osteoporosis screening, and HPV vaccine.

4. Address any of your questions or concerns

While you don’t need to wait for your annual exam to discuss your health concerns, your annual exam is an ideal time to ask any questions you have or raise any concerns related to your health. 

By seeing your provider every year, you develop a relationship with the WHASN-NW team that enables you to feel comfortable and supported in raising your needs with your caring clinicians.

As part of addressing your needs, we offer various forms of health counseling in your annual exam, including support in living a healthy lifestyle, coping with major life transitions such as menopause, and managing chronic health conditions.

If you’re due or overdue for your annual exam, today is the best time to make an appointment. Call us to schedule your annual exam or book one online.

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