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The MonaLisa Touch is a gentle laser therapy for the restoration of vaginal health.

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Patient Resources - Helpful links for women

Comprehensive, current information from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Latest recommendations on infection and disease prevention

Summerlin Hospital & Medical Center. Obstetrical and surgical pre-registration and prenatal classes

Mountain View Hospital. Obstetrical and surgical pre-registration and prenatal classes

Information on in-office permanent sterilization

Information on the 5 year progesterone releasing IUD.

Information on the 10 year non-hormonal IUD.

Information on the vaginal hormonal contraceptive.

Information on the 3 year hormonal sub-dermal contraceptive.

Information on the eudiometrical hydrothermal ablation procedure for heavy menstrual periods.

Information on the latest in surgical and robotics surgeries, including the minimally invasive da Vinci surgical system

Information on breastfeeding, supports groups and consultants

Information on healthy eating and food pyramid guidelines

Local photographer who specializes in capturing the beauty of maternity, newborns, childhood, and families

Helpful books