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April is C-section Awareness Month

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April is "National C-section Awareness Month", so we'd like to express our appreciation and gratitude to all the hard-as-nails mothers who have endured this procedure. The first ever recorded cesarean procedure was purportedly performed on a live patient in (around) the year 1500 in Switzerland by a pig-gelder named Jacob Nufer.

Robotic Assisted Gynecologic Surgery with the da Vinci System

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The thought of extensive surgery (or really any kind of major hospital procedure) often causes clients to second guess medical services that can provide great benefits. While no one enjoys intensive, time-consuming operations or recovery periods, many popular procedures have suffered from these types of limitations for decades.

Safe Drugs During Pregnancy

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With all the major concerns about proper dietary habits and fetal development during pregnancy, it can be easy to forget about the everyday health risks that can affect mothers. In addition to the typical changes that develop during pregnancy, common pains and illnesses can become increasingly severe in mothers and contribute to an overall decline in the body’s condition.

Health Benefits of Tea

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With all the New Year’s resolutions to work out, diet, and do just about everything but sleep 8 hours a night, it can be easy to overlook affordable, everyday methods for improving your health. After all the weight loss techniques, sometimes it helps to just take a break and brew yourself a hot cup of tea.

Hormonal Contraception and Breast Cancer - Confusion and Questions

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With all the advances in medicine and clinical science that are reported each week, it can become difficult to separate the relevant information from everything else. While it is true that each scientific development has an effect on the world, not every study, experiment, or poll influences your life directly.

Stay Healthy During the Holidays

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With holiday parties, family gatherings, and endless buffets of sweets just a couple of weeks away, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain healthy eating habits and avoid gaining weight. Whether or not you plan to try everything at the table, there are steps you can take to keep up fitness and coast into the New Year without a worry.

How to Not Get Sick During the Holidays

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November has arrived, and the festivities and social gatherings of the holidays are just a few weeks away. While we wish everyone a happy, relaxing end to 2017 and warm celebrations with loved ones, there are some steps we can recommend for anyone looking to stay healthy throughout the holidays.

Don’t Give Up on Intimacy – Take Back Your Sexuality

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Approximately 50% of women come through menopause with symptoms that make it uncomfortable or downright painful to engage in sexual intercourse.

Stay Fit As You Age

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We at Las Vegas ObGyn Center know that preparing for getting older age is not just the responsibility of the elderly, as muscle loss due to age begins to set in after 35 and only worsens over time. Don’t get depressed, there are things you can do to mitigate these changes.

Important Things to Consider When Pregnant We Deliver on Our Promise

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At Las Vegas ObGyn Center, we are all passionate about our commitment to advancing women’s health for the past 19 years in Las Vegas. We understand the relationship between a doctor and patient and respect that bond.